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For each item in the change sets, a quick icon description can be found:

New Feature | Improvement | Bugfix | Deprecation Warning

Version 1.0.0 - 15/03/2024

  • First release, compatible with Unreal Engine 5.3.

Version 1.2.13 - 01/04/2024

  • Added Poise/Stagger mechanics. Hit Reactions can be "default" and "stagger" reactions.
  • Added a Movement Manager Component. For now, it handles "walking while blocking" and "strafing while locked on target".
  • The default Weapon Manager Component will load weapon actors attached to the owner.
  • The default Weapon Manager Component allows subclasses to access the replicated weapon array.
  • The Target Ability can be activated/deactivated from external events. Activation takes a target Actor in the payload.
  • The Attack Ability provides functions that can be overridden to fine-tune Gameplay Effects and Levels.
  • The Attack Ability automatically sets damage and poise to Gameplay Effects, if interfaces will provide them.
  • Melee and Projectile interfaces can provide their respective Effect Levels.
  • Melee and Projectile interfaces can provide damage and poise consumptions to Gameplay Effects, as "Set By Caller" magnitudes.
  • Updated the Evade Ability to use the new Directional Evade Animation Provider.
  • The Default Weapon Actor replicates its Gameplay Tags.
  • Added a default setting to globally define the Motion Warping setting for Gameplay Abilities.
  • Added a setting to determine the duration of Melee Scan debug information on screen.
  • The Damage Calculation will properly trigger conditional Gameplay Effects, if the damage output is greater than zero.
  • The Combo Manager is properly replicated to better support dedicated server scenarios.

Version 1.2.16 - 04/04/2024

  • Improved flexibility to provide specific projectile classes to the Attack ability (weapon > owner > notify > ability).
  • Modified access to many properties in the base projectile, they are now marked as BlueprintReadWrite.
  • Fixed scenarios where projectiles wouldn't launch correctly without a gameplay effect assigned to them.

Version 1.8.12 - 30/04/2024

  • Added a base Animation Instance class that contains the commonly expected movement values, plus bindings to the Combat System.
  • Introduced the Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) pattern to Combat Widgets. You can learn more about this in the docs.
  • Added a new Damage Handler for Camera Shakes.
  • Added a new Damage Handler for Dissolving Materials.
  • Added Opportunity Abilities (for attackers and victims). It can be used as a base for backstabs, stealth takedowns, ripostes, etc.
  • Added the Parry Component and Animation Notify, which connects to the Opportunity functionality and can be used to create Parry Attacks.
  • Enhanced the Block ability to automate common tasks. For more information please check the Block Ability page.
  • Enhanced the Evade ability to automate common tasks. For more information please check the Evade Ability page.
  • Added lenient test functions for Actor Components that should implement Combat System interfaces.
  • Improved multiple debug messages/ensure/assertions to hopefully facilitate troubleshooting.
  • Added the Dead state tag as a blocker to any applicable Combat Ability and cancelation tags to the Death ability.
  • Improved the Motion Warping System by allowing fine-tuning the target position via Scene Components.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 5.4.
  • Breaker hits won't have the "blocked" tag in their context anymore. This simplifies the setup of Hit Reactions.
  • Fixed the way rotations are set in Hit Reactions, so it can replicate propertly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Death Ability could occasionally raise a scope lock assertion.
  • Added the MinimalAPI class modifier that was missing in some interfaces.
  • Fixed the Damage Handler definition, to support generic Actor Components instead of the specific Damage Manager.

Version 1.9.4 - ??/05/2024 (In Progress)

  • Added a highly configurable actor to indicate the target lock. Allows you to configure widgets and sounds.
  • Expanded opportunity attacks: Added stun capabilities to Parry attacks.
  • Expanded opportunity attacks: Added Riposte.
  • Created a schema for Combo Trees, providing access to the Combo Manager, via context.
  • Streamlined the process of cancelling combos, which is now centralized in the combo ability itself.
  • Fixes (to be expanded).

Version 1.x.x - ??/06/2024 (Planned, the "Projectile" and "Cast" pass)

  • Second pass on projectiles
  • Added Hitscans
  • Added support for Gameplay Ability Targeting Actors to Cast Ability.
  • Added Widgets for Cast Confirmation.
  • Fixes (to be expanded).

Version 1.x.x - ??/07/2024 (Planned, the "AI" and "Integration" pass)

  • AI Combo Task for Behavior Trees and State Trees.
  • Added optional integration with Ninja Inventory for base equipment management.
  • Added optional integration with Ninja Factions for faction-based friendly fire.
  • Goals for version 1 completed, new pass on documentation.
  • Fixes (to be expanded).