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Cast Ability

The UCombatAbility_Cast ability is responsible for common combat behaviors that are cast on self or others, such as:

  • Buffs applied to the Avatar or to other Actors.
  • Area of Damage Effects, applied to multiple targets collected via the Gameplay Targeting System.

As usual, this is an animation-based ability and will wait for the Gameplay Event identified by the Combat.Event.Cast Gameplay Tag. For that, you can use the Cast Animation Notify.

Effects applied to the Avatar

Enabled via the bAppliesToSelf flag, allows you to apply an effect to the Avatar, defined by the SelfEffectClass property.

Effects applied to Targets

Enabled via the bAppliesToTargets flag, allows you to apply an effect to targets collected using either the Targeting System or an Actor spawned by the Ability, defined by the CombatCastInterface. Any target collected will receive the Gameplay Effect defined by the TargetEffectClass property.

Targeting System

If you choose the Targeting System to collect targets, then a Targeting Preset must be provided. All targets obtained by the preset will receive the Gameplay Effect configured in the Ability.

Spawning a Cast Actor

If you choose to spawn a Cast Actor, then this Actor is responsible for collecting targets and applying the Gameplay Effect, in which case, it will be assigned to the Cast Actor via the SetTargetEffectHandle function, defined by the CombatCastInterface.

Any Actor implementing the Interface can be used, but you can use the base Actor already provided, ANinjaCombatCastActor` as a starting point. Either way, it's the actor's responsibility to destroy itself whenever appropriate.