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Reputation is a concept that expands from the Attitude Solving. It's a more elaborate way to determine the attitude between a Faction Member and a Target.

There are three things to consider if you want to introduce Reputation to your project:

  1. You need to use the FactionSolver_TargetReputation or another compatible solver.
  2. Make sure that your Reputation Table is configured in the Solver or in the Project Settings.
  3. There are Reputation Sources that will allow the player's reputation to grow.

Faction Solver: Target Reputation

This solver considers that both Members share the Same Faction and if so, the Target must have a Reputation Tier. Reputation Tiers will individually determine their Attitude and can change over time.

    flowchart TD
        A[Check Attitude] --> B{Has Same Faction?}
        B --> |Yes| C{Has Reputation For Faction?}
        B --> |No| D[Get Default Attitude Towards Other Factions]
        C --> |Yes| E[Get Attitude from Current Tier]
        C --> |No| D
        D --> F[Attitude Solved]
        E --> F

Reputation Tiers

As mentioned above, a Faction can have multiple Reputation Tiers and the Attitude will depend on what is configured for a Tier.

Tiers are configured globally in the Faction Settings Panel and are represented by a Data Table that uses the FFactionReputationTableRow structure. The project has a sample Table that you can copy to your project and use as a base. Here's the initial values.

Reputation Tiers

Reputation Sources

Reputation Sources is another name for a broader concept in this framework - Faction Sources.

Whenever a Faction event happens, such as a Faction Membership was granted or the Reputation for a Faction has increased, there is usually a source related to that event.

This concept becomes even more relevant when Reputation is being used in the game as the Faction Component will expected a valid source to retrieve rewards from. Valid Sources could be:

  1. An Enemy that was defeated.
  2. A Quest Giver that rewards reputation on quest completion.
  3. An Item that was collected.
  4. An Area that enables a new Faction.

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