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Evade Ability

The UCombatAbility_Evade ability supports evasive moves like dodges, sidesteps or rolls.

Directional Evade

If the property bHandleDirectionalEvades is enabled, then the Ability will calculate the evade direction based on the result of the CalculateDirectionalAngle function.

Directional evade input

By default, the CalculateDirectionalAngle will calculate the direction based on the current acceleration, retrieved from the Avatar's UCharacterMovementComponent.

When the directional setting is enabled, a property will be available to map certain angle ranges to a the proper Animation Montage section. In the following images, you can see how this configuration relates to the Animation Montage set to the ability.

Evade Ability

Directional evade input

The preconfigured values will include all eight directions. You may need to adjust them to cover four directions only. You can also tweak the Angle Ranges to your liking.

The Animation Montage will contain one section for each direction, properly named to match the settings added to the Evade Ability.

Evade Montage

Disconect the sections

Make sure to disconect your Montage Sections so they are not played sequentially!

Evade Effect

The Evading ability allows you to set an Evading Effect, which can serve to two main purposes:

  1. Allow you to query the system, looking for the Evading state tag, which determines the avatar is evading.
  2. Applying an effect that cancels the Stamina Regeneration while the evading is happening.

Invincibility Frames

The Invulnerability Notify State can be added to the Animation Montage. This will make the character invulnerable for the duration of the state. During this time, the InvulnerabilityEffectClass will be added to the avatar and the Defense Manager Component will also react to this event.

For an in-depth guide of the damage system, visit the Damage and Mitigation page.