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Gameplay Effects

Here's a summary of all Gameplay Effects available in the system.

Effect Description
Blocking Indicates the Avatar is blocking.
ComboWindow Indicates the Combo Window is open and can receive Combo Inputs.
InitializeAttributes Base effect to support the initialization of Combat Attrbutes.
Invulnerability Indicates the Avatar is invulnerable.
LastStand Reduces a Last Stand charge and replenishes the health.
LockedOnTarget Indicates the Avatar os locked on a target.
MeleeHit Base effect to represent a melee hit.
RangedHit Base effect to represent a ranged hit.
ReplenishHealth Replenishes health at a certain rate.
ReplenishMagic Replenishes magic at a certain rate.
ReplenishStamina Replenishes stamina at a certain rate.
ReplenishPoise Fully replenishes poise, after a certain amount of time without blocking the block effect.
Gameplay Effect Prefixes

All Combat Effects are classes prefixed with UCombatEffect_.