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Ninja Combat

Ninja Combat

The Ninja Combat plugin, available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace. It is build on top of the Gameplay Ability System and introduces relevant concepts for Combat such as attacks, combos and damage handling.

Main Features

  • Supports both Melee and Ranged combat.
  • Integrated with the Gameplay Ability System
  • Integrated with the Gameplay Targeting System.
  • Integrated with the Motion Warping System.
  • Data-driven, event-based Combat Combos, designed without code, using State Machines.
  • Damage System, with Critical Hits, Breaker Hits and Procedural Hit Reactions.
  • Already provides core attributes such as Health, Magic, Stamina, Crit. and Defense.
  • Basic Widgets for common elements such as Health Bars and Damage Applied.
  • Configurable and highly extensible in both Blueprints and C++.
  • Clean, well-documented code and a thorough documentation site.
  • Can be easily integrated with other plugins: Ninja Input and Ninja Inventory

Design Pillars

  • Adventure, Action RPGs, Souls-likes: The system was designed with these genres in mind.
  • Separation of Concerns: The "Combat" domain won't spill into other domains such as "Locomotion", "Inventory", "Interaction", etc.
  • Extensibility and Integrability: Provides many extension points in C++ and Blueprints. Interface-oriented design for components, tailored for integration.
  • Not Reinventing the Wheel: Whenever possible, tries to leverage features already available from the Unreal Engine.

What This IS

  • A Combat System Framework, introducing concepts such as Attacks, Combos, Defense, Damage Handling and Death.
  • A domain and service layer built on top of the Gameplay Ability System.
  • A well-designed foundation that should not get in your way while building your game.
  • An actual framework being used in an actual title (TBA, Soon).
  • Well documented, well supported.

What This IS NOT

  • A template for a game.
  • Easy for beginners. It's a big system, using many features from the engine.
  • A one-size-fits-all solution for combat requirements. You might need to extend it.
  • A Locomotion, Interaction or Inventory system. Those must be integrated.