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Activate and Interrupt Abilities

The plugin allows you to interact with abilities using mode provided by the Ability System framework: Classes, Input IDs and Gameplay Tags and Event Triggers.

Also, keep in mind that you you can bind inputs to Gameplay Events that can be used to activate Abilities if they have an Event Trigger configured for their activation.

Ability Activation

Each activation handler will track the triggered event by default. Once that event happens, the Ability will be activated using the specific streategy pertinent to the Handler being used. Activation will only happen, however, if the value of this trigger is true, which is what you would receive from a "Pressed" trigger, for example.

Similarly, if you track another trigger such as the "Released" one that will provide a value of false, it will then cancel the ability.

You can also track the completed and cancelled events which would result in the Ability being interrupted automatically once these input events happen.

There are the dedicated Handler for activating abilities using the methods supported by the Ability System.

Mode Activation Handler
By Class Activate Ability by Class
By Input ID Activate Ability by Input
By Gameplay Tags Activate Ability by Tags
Be mindful of how you create your triggers

You can create "activate/cancel" behaviors with an Input Action configured with "Pressed" and "Released" triggers. You can also do that separately with two Input Actions configured with "Pressed" triggers and the "toggle" option below.

Advanced Activation Features

For the Activation Handlers, you'll find some shared additional configurations that may be useful for some specific requirements, so please keep them in mind!

Send Gameplay Event for Active Abilities

If the ability is already active, then it will send a Gameplay Event instead. Useful for combo systems, alternate between targets, etc.

It uses the same activation strategy to determine if the Ability is currently active. For example, if the Ability was activated by its class, then the Handler will query for an active ability using that same class.

If enabled, a few additional options are unlocked:

Property Purpose
ActiveEventTag Gameplay Tag representing the Event.
Trigger Event Locally The event should be triggered in the Locally Controlled Player.
Trigger Event On Server The event should be triggered in the Remote Authoritative Player.
Event Payload

The Gameplay Event will contain relevant information about the input! The Magnitude will be the input value's magnitude and the first Optional Object will be the Input Action Data Asset.

Toggle Abilty Activation

By checking the "Is Toggled" flag on aech Ability Activation, will make the ability being activated on a first successful trigger (i.e. "Pressed") and then deactivated when a second successful trigger is received.

Ability Interruption

Same as for activation, there is a Handler for each supported of interrupting abilities.

Mode Interruption Handler
By Class Interrupt Ability by Class
By Input ID Interrupt Ability by Input
By Gameplay Tags Interrupt Ability by Tags