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Ninja Factions

Ninja Factions

The Ninja Factions plugin, available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace, extends the basic Team and Attitude system from the AI Framework, adding the concept of Factions, Memberships and Reputation. It's designed in a way to allow you to get started quickly, customize as necessary and integrate with other systems without hassle.

You can define your Factions and Reputation Tiers using Data Assets and Data Tables. But if you have more complex requirements such as a backend server, then the framework is very extensible to allow you to create custom Faction Databases or even Attitude Resolution Strategies.

Main Features

  • Data-driven configuration for Factions and Reputation Tiers.
  • Faction Databases are extensible so you can use the default Asset Manager implementation, or create your own.
  • Attitude Resolution Strategies are extensible so you can use the provided ones (Simple Team Check and Reputation Tier Check), or create your own.
  • Built in C++ but can be configured and extended in Blueprints.
  • Integrated with the Editor, including a Settings Page, Data Asset Contextual Creation and a new Faction Category for the Gameplay Debugger.
  • Everything is configurable, extensible or component/interface based. No specific class requirements, which makes it much easier to integrate this plugin with other systems.
  • Clean and well-documented code and support site.