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Combat Attribute Set

The Combat Plugin provides a base Attribute Set, UNinjaCombatAttributeSet, that must be added in (or extended by) your project. It contains the following attributes:

Attribute Category Description
PendingDamage Meta Attributes Damage that must be applied to the owner.
PendingMitigationCost Meta Attributes Mitigation cost that must be subtracted from the owner.
MaxHealthTotal Meta Attributes Total health available, including base/add/percent.
MaxStaminaTotal Meta Attributes Total stamina available, including base/add/percent.
MaxMagicTotal Meta Attributes Total magic available, including base/add/percent.
Health Health Current amount of health available to the character.
MaxHealth Health Base maximum amount of health available to the character.
MaxHealthAdd Health Health added to the maximum.
MaxHealthPercent Health Percent multiplier to health in {0, 1} range.
HealthRegenRate Health Health regeneration rate.
Stamina Stamina Current amount of stamina available to the character.
MaxStamina Stamina Base maximum amount of stamina available to the character.
MaxStaminaAdd Stamina Stamina added to the maximum.
MaxStaminaPercent Stamina Percent multiplier to stamina in {0, 1} range.
StaminaRegenRate Stamina Stamina regeneration rate.
Magic Magic Current amount of stamina available to the character.
MaxMagic Magic Base maximum amount of magic available to the character.
MaxMagicAdd Magic Magic added to the maximum.
MaxMagicPercent Magic Percent multiplier to magic in {0, 1} range.
MagicRegenRate Magic Magic regeneration rate.
BaseDamage Damage Base damage applied by the character. May be fully overriden.
CriticalHitChance Damage Critical Hit Chance for applied damage. May be fully overriden.
CriticalHitMultiplier Damage Critical Hit Multiplier for applied damage. May be fully overriden.
BlockChance Block Chance to block an incoming attack in {0, 1} range.
BlockMitigation Block Amount of damage mitigated by blocking, in {0, 1} range.
BlockAngle Block Maximum angle where block is effective.
BlockLimit Block Flat limit of damage that can be mitigated.
BlockStaminaCostRate Block The cost in stamina, to block each point of damage.
DefenseChance Defense Chance to defend an incoming attack in {0, 1} range.
DefenseMitigation Defense Amount of damage mitigated by defending, in {0, 1} range.
DefenseStaminaCostRate Defense The cost in stamina, to defend each point of damage.
ArmorReduction Armor Flat damage reduction for incoming damage.
LastStandCount Last Stand Chances for the character to revert fatal damage.
LastStandHealthPercent Last Stand Amount of the total max health granted when max damage is reverted.
Poise Poise and Stagger Current amount of poise. If it reaches zero, the character is staggered.
MaxPoise Poise and Stagger Maximum amount of poise for a character.
Stamina Cost Rate

The Stamina Cost Rate attributes can be exemplified as such: At a cost of 2 points, a total of 200 points of stamina would be required to mitigate 100 points of damage.

Initializing via Gameplay Effects

You can use the base CombatEffect_InitializeAttributes to initialize these Attributes. It will create a base Gameplay Effect will all of them included, and organized so current amounts of health, stamina and magic are initialized after the meta attributes are initialized.

Attribute Effect

Initializing via Data Table

Alternativelly, you can use the AttributeMetaData Struct, provided by the Gameplay Ability System to initialize your attributes. Each row must be named using the fully-qualified name of the attribute, for example: MaxHealth becomes NinjaCombatAttributeSet.MaxHealth.

Attribute Data Table

Extending the Attribute Set

Even if you extend the Attribute Set in your project, the fully-qualified name remains the same as above, using the original NinjaCombatAttributeSet prefix!