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Block Ability

The UCombatAbility_Block ability is responsible for mitigating incoming damage, through blocking.

When activated, it will apply the UCombatEffect_Blocking Gameplay Effect, which indicates to the Defense Manager Component that the owning character is currently blocking, via the Combat.State.Blocking Gameplay Tag.

For an in-depth guide of the mitigation system, visit the Damage and Mitigation page.

Backing Attributes

When the Defense Manager Component mitigates damage via Blocking, the following Gameplay Attributes are used.

Attribute Description
BlockChance Chance to block an incoming attack in {0, 1} range.
BlockMitigation Amount of damage mitigated by blocking, in {0, 1} range.
BlockAngle Maximum angle where block is effective.
BlockLimit Flat limit of damage that can be mitigated.
BlockStaminaCostRate The cost in stamina, to block each point of damage.