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Hit Reaction Ability

The UCombatAbility_HitReaction ability is triggered by the Damage Manager component, when the Avatar receives damage.

Not triggered on fatal damage

This ability won't be triggered if the incoming damage is fatal! In this case, the Death will be triggered instead.

The Hit Reaction has one useful property, bRotateToSource, which rotates the avatar to face the actor that has applied the recent damage. You may adjust this as needed, or even extend the ability to turn this behavior on or off based on other situations. For example, if the avatar is locked on a target, it should never rotate to another actor applying damage.

Also, this ability has its own Animation Provider, UAnimationProvider_HitReaction, which selects a specific Hit Reaction Montage, based on the Gameplay Tags that represent the applied damage.

Grant as a Default Ability

Grant this ability as a default ability to your characters.

For an in-depth guide of the damage system, visit the Damage and Mitigation page.

Reacting to specific damage

When this ability is triggered, additional information about the damage is available in the payload. You can use this information to trigger certain animations, configured in the animation provider.

The following Gameplay Tags are available in the system and are automatically provided:

Gameplay Tag Description
Combat.Effect.Damage.Blocked The incoming hit was successfuly blocked.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Breaker A breaker event was received, meaning the character was blocking and ran out of stamina.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Critical A critical hit was received.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Fatal A fatal hit was received. This is usually handled by the Death Ability
Combat.Effect.Damage.LastStand A last stand event was triggered after this hit.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Melee The incoming hit was a melee attack.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Ranged The incoming hit was a ranged attack.
Combat.Effect.Damage.Stagger The hit staggered the avatar, meaning its poise was fully consumed. This is usually handled by the Stagger Ability

You can further extend this pattern, by adding other types of damage, such as adding the `Combat.Effect.Damage.Burnt tag to your Damage Gameplay Effect. This tag will be transferred to the Hit Reaction and will be available in the Animation Provider, so a dedicated Animation Montage can play.