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Ninja Inventory

Ninja Inventory

The Ninja Inventory plugin was inspired by concepts introduced by Epic's project "Lyra" such as definitions, instances and fragments. These concepts are quite powerful for an inventory system, since they promote the definition of items by aggreagation instead of classic inheritance.

For a generic and reusable framework like this, such concepts are fundamental as it truly allows the Inventory System to not assume anything regarding and expect very little about a game's design and requirements. Furthermore, to continue on a recurring theme for all plugins from Ninja Bear Studio, this framework was designed with separation of concerns in mind. It has a few modules, specialized in their own tasks and the Inventory's domain won't spill into other systems, keeping everything very well contained.

The Ninja Inventory plugin is the result of a lot of effort, both on its design and development, and it's available in the Unreal Engine Marketplace.

Main Features

  • Supports Inventory, Equipment and Loot.
  • Integrated with the Gameplay Ability System.
  • Integrated with the Asset Manager.
  • Declaration of items and equipment pieces via aggregation and inversion of control.
  • Provides a foundation for inventory UI using Common UI and the UMG Viewmodel framework.
  • Flexible and extensible, meant to support multiple projects.
  • Meant to be easily integrated with Ninja Combat and Ninja Interaction
  • Clean, well documented code and a thorough documentation site.